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In life, circumstances arise that we cannot avoid - struggling with a mounting debt, stopping a foreclosure or garnishment, problems with your marriage or battle over child custody, support or visitation. These situations can have a profound effect on our lives. During these difficult times, you need someone by your side who can care effectively for your legal needs as well as providing you with personal service to best provide support for you during these incredibly personal and private crises.

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New report on unsecured debt woes: Help is available

It’s really a tale of two countries.

On the one hand, a new report on debt in the United States reveals improved financial circumstances for millions of Americans as the country continues to dig out from its years’-long recession.

On the other hand, newly released data indicate that millions of Americans are also not sharing in that renewed prosperity.

Indeed, new information jointly released by NPR and the nonprofit group ProPublica shows that about one of every 10 working Americans aged 35-44 is presently having his or her wages garnished for nonpayment of a student loan, medical bill or credit card debt.

Government programs seek to stem the tide of foreclosures

In thinking about foreclosure, it's not hard to see the negative consequences that visit multiple parties and can spell anathema for entire communities.

In the most immediate sense, an individual or family is forced out of a home. Children may become dislocated from important bedrock connections, such as lifelong friends, trusted teachers and a secure school and neighborhood environment. Lenders lose money because a property sits unoccupied and does not generate any income stream. The property values of surrounding homeowners suffer. Neighborhood vandalism and other crime can rise in high-foreclosure areas.

FDCPA follow-up: a strong response to unlawful collection tactics

A few posts back (please see our August 6 entry), we discussed federal legislation entitled the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act, which we noted “serves as a strong warning to unethical debt collectors.”

Indeed it does, and for the reasons we stated in that post. As we additionally pointed out therein, a harassed consumer desperately seeking relief from an over-the-top collector can augment the assistance provided for under the FDCPA by securing an experienced debt relief attorney. The federal law contemplates that, with internal references to legal representation and its efficacy in promoting legislative intent under the law.

How a proven attorney can help when foreclosure is a threat

It is likely that many people in Mississippi and elsewhere across the country believe that they must formally file for bankruptcy to protect their home when it is threatened by foreclosure.

Although that view is understandable, it is far from true in all instances, given that there are a number of options that many challenged debtors can consider when they are facing extreme financial hardship.

An established and client-empathetic debt-relief law firm knows those options well and can help a client identify and evaluate what might work best in his or her case.

Mississippi and credit card study: What exactly does it mean?

Mississippi has a prominently high ranking in a recent study focusing upon credit card use, and it’s kind of hard to say anything concrete about what the findings fundamentally mean.

So says a writer for the Jackson Clarion Ledger, who posits a certain ambiguity in the research results compiled on behalf of the national Consumer Financial Protection Bureau.

At the outset, notes Jeff Ayres, some self-congratulatory backslapping and fist pumping by state residents seems duly warranted, given the high mark rendered Mississippi relating to credit card complaints.

FICO and credit scores: Taking a close look at medical bills

It’s quite likely that no Mississippi consumer would deem it fair if his or her credit score summarily plummeted owing to an unexpected avalanche of medical-related expenses.

After all, who can ever reasonably expect to be solvent one day and financially overwhelmed the next by medical bills that were entirely unforeseen?

Medical debt is more than just a bit unusual when considered alongside other forms of financial obligations, which can be planned for, with money set aside to make timely payments.

Primer, basic points: The Fair Debt Collection Practices Act

Consumers in Mississippi and nationally who feel that they alone are facing the unfettered wrath of debt collectors and lacking resources to deal with abusive collection behaviors should quickly dissuade themselves of any such notions.

In fact, strong federal legislation addresses such matters in detail and sets forth legal limitations that curb creditors' harassing contacts and other behaviors.

That legislation is entitled the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act, which serves as a strong warning to unethical debt collectors, setting boundaries that restrict unlawful activities.

Company preys on military with predatory lending scheme

Approximately 17,000 consumers were victims of a predatory lending scam run by a company known as "Rome financing." The company focused primarily on military personnel, operating many of its scams at kiosks in malls near military bases. Consumers would apply for loans to help fund purchases for computers, televisions, game consoles and other similar items. If approved, the consumer would often face steep finance charges that were not fully disclosed in the application.

This lack of disclosure coupled with deceptive and abusive collection methods for debt that wasn't even owed led the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau along with 13 state attorneys general to obtain $92 million in debt relief from the company, according to a recent report by the Department of Defense News.

Student debtors: Don't get burned by false promises of help

If you're a Mississippi resident working on paying back student loans you have incurred over the years, you know you're not alone.

In fact, taking on debt to pay for schooling is altogether commonplace across the country. Indeed, and for most people, the only way to pursue a college degree or participate in a professional training program is to borrow the money to do so.

Unfortunately, the flip side of that for high numbers of persons across the country is the great difficulty that attaches to making regular payments on that debt following graduation.

Here's a flatly jaw-dropping number: Reportedly, Americans owe about $1.2 trillion on outstanding educational loans, with many consumers having exactions that total scores of thousands of dollars.

Bankruptcy basics: A look at history, parameters

Many people in Mississippi and elsewhere who are interested in or contemplating filing for bankruptcy understandably lack detailed knowledge of the subject area.

That is for good reason. As noted in a comprehensive federal courts website, "The bankruptcy process is complex."

It is also replete with eligibility tests, arcane terminology and court-supervised requirements that stem from a voluminous federal Bankruptcy Code established in 1978 that has been amended multiple times.

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