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In life, circumstances arise that we cannot avoid - struggling with a mounting debt, stopping a foreclosure or garnishment, problems with your marriage or battle over child custody, support or visitation. These situations can have a profound effect on our lives. During these difficult times, you need someone by your side who can care effectively for your legal needs as well as providing you with personal service to best provide support for you during these incredibly personal and private crises.

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Ridgeland Bankruptcy Law Blog

Taking a summer vacation without racking up debt

With school out and good weather in most areas of the country, many Mississippi residents use the summer months as a time for travel. However, if you aren’t careful, your summer vacation can cause you to rack up some serious debt.

As USA TODAY reported recently, nearly 50 percent of Americans say that they depend on credit cards to fund their vacations when they don’t have enough saved. Additionally, many people tend to go over their budget on vacations, resulting in even more debt.

Foreclosures nationally: We're clearly not out of the woods yet

Although a number of years have passed since the onset of the so-called Great Recession, many Americans across the country continue to struggle in a number of areas.

One lingering -- some might say seemingly intractable -- concern is with the nation's housing market, where individuals and families in many areas of the nation continue to experience adverse fallout. Mississippians are certainly not exempt from continuing challenges.

Study: After Chapter 13, debtors' annual earnings increased

Have you ever wondered why we allow bankruptcy? As a policy matter, there are a number of reasons, including the fact that society had come to realize that debtors' prison not only persecuted debtors but also kept them from being able to repay their debts. Another important consideration, however, is that debt can actually make it a lot harder to make a living. People with low credit scores pay more to borrow needed money, of course, but they may also face employment consequences.

We can see the negative effects of unmanageable debt in ordinary life, but until now it has been hard to demonstrate that bankruptcy really helps people. We know that many people file bankruptcy and go on to thrive financially, but do others just get into trouble with debt over and over? How could we know whether any individual bankruptcy was the turning point in someone's life?

When a car cuts out before the loan on it is paid off

For many people, their car is their primary mode of transportation and the main way they get to their work. Thus, it can be quite disheartening and problematic when a person is no longer able to use their car. Many things can lead to a person no longer being able to use their car, such as: their car requiring overly expensive repairs to return to operation, their car suffering critical damage in a car accident or their car developing unfixable mechanical problems.

One's car going out of operation can be tough on a person in any sort of circumstance. However, there are certain complications that can potentially make such a situation even more difficult for an individual. One such complication is if they still hold loan debt on the now-nonoperational vehicle. This can happen when a vehicle goes out of operation before the loan term of the vehicle is up. Given that longer-term auto loans have been growing in prevalence recently, one wonders if still owing money on a vehicle that is no longer operational will be a situation that more and more people will find themselves in in the future. 

Mortgage debt and seniors

Having high debt can pose some serious challenges for elderly individuals. 

One such challenge is that having high debt can be a big drain on a senior's retirement savings. Such a drain could:

  • Increase an elderly individual's likelihood of facing having their retirement savings run out.
  • Leave an elderly individual particularly vulnerable to facing serious financial problems if medical problems or other sources of unexpected costs arise. 
  • Cause a senior to have to continue working well into their retirement years. 

Credit card delinquency rate up significantly in Mississippi

A recent report indicates that Mississippians might be having a particularly rough time when it comes to credit card debt. The report is on credit card delinquency rates in the U.S. in the first quarter of 2015. In relation to these rates, credit card delinquency is when a credit card borrower is at least 90 days behind on their general-purpose credit card payments.

The report indicates a couple of rather discouraging things when it comes to Mississippi.

Many things can impact whether Chapter 13 is right for a person

Bankruptcy comes in different types. When a person is filing for bankruptcy, it can be important for them to pick the type that is the best fit for them. Some people find Chapter 13 bankruptcy to be a good fit.

There are many things that can impact whether Chapter 13 bankruptcy would be a good debt relief option for a given person. 

Emotional effects of short-term debt problems

One of the financial struggles individuals here in Tennessee sometimes face are problems with short-term debt. Some examples of short-term debt problems are having overdue bills and having overwhelming levels of credit card debt.

There are many different options a person might have for trying to seek debt relief in relation to short-term debt struggles they are facing. Among the things bankruptcy attorneys can provide individuals who are dealing with difficulties regarding short-term debt with are explanations of the different available options for debt relief and information on what sorts of things can impact which options might be the best for addressing a given short-term debt problem. 

Bankruptcy exemption law matters in Chapter 13 bankruptcies too

Among the laws that are in place here in Mississippi are laws involving what property can be classified as exempt in a bankruptcy. One of the effects being classified as exempt will generally have on a property in a bankruptcy is that it will make it so the property cannot be liquidated in the bankruptcy.

Liquidation tends to be a big area of concern in a Chapter 7 bankruptcy. Thus, exemption law can be very impactful in a Chapter 7 bankruptcy, as it can dictate what sorts of property a debtor will not have to worry about losing in the bankruptcy. 

Does Mississippi have the lowest financial literacy in the nation?

A recent report raises some major questions regarding the state of financial literacy here in Mississippi. The report was from WalletHub.

The report ranked all the states and Washington D.C. when it comes to financial literacy. In determining the rankings, the report looked at many different things regarding financial habits among a state's residents and financial education programs in a state. 


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