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Have you been in an accident and thought, “I can’t wait to receive my car insurance claims money?” But now, you are facing a claim denied by your insurance provider. What now?

The good news is that car accident lawyers at The Rollins Law Firm are going to highlight some things you can do to ensure you get the best possible outcome if your car insurance claim is denied.

First, let us examine the reasons for claim denials and what you can do about them.

What was the reason for the denial of my car accident claims?

1. Driving without a license

Driving without a license, or driving while drunk are all reasons why your vehicle insurance claim may be denied. Because these practices are unlawful in Mississippi the insurance company cannot authorize the lawsuit.

2. Failing to notify your insurer

This is a typical error most policyholders make. You may fix the automobile yourself and then notify the insurance company. This makes it harder for the insurance provider to examine the damage and approve your claim.

Always notify your insurer before having your automobile fixed. The insurance will send an authorized person to evaluate the damage, estimate the repair cost, and assist you in filing the correct claim.

3. Not paying your policy’s premium

To be eligible for a claim, you must pay the predetermined amount of the premium before the due date. If you miss a premium payment, your insurance coverage will expire, and the insurer will be unable to handle your claim. Paying the insurance premium on time helps prevent unwanted denials.

4. Giving False Information

Your claim will be refused if you submitted inaccurate information while obtaining a policy to minimize the premium.

Incorrect information provided to your insurer may result in claim rejection or cancellation of your insurance coverage.

5. Not reporting the accident

Insurance companies expect you to submit a claim quickly but often give you a deadline. Your claim may be refused if you delay reporting it or present incorrect paperwork. Notify your insurance provider before repairing your automobile.

6. Extending Your Driving Range

Your claim might be refused if your accident occurred beyond the policy’s coverage region. Read your insurance policy’s terms and conditions carefully to learn the geographical restrictions.

7. Adding New Accessories to Your Car

Any additional components, accessories, or modifications stated in the preceding policy are automatically covered when renewed. However, you must notify your insurer if you have changed your automobile or added new accessories during the coverage time. 

Insurance companies will add these extras to your coverage after checking your car. If you don’t report these modifications, your claim may be denied.

8. Disobeying Rules

There are special restrictions to obey, such as underage driving and intoxicated driving. Your personal damage claim will be denied if your drinking and driving caused the automobile accident.

9. Lack of action

You must submit a car insurance claim within a certain time frame and assist the claims staff with any event-related facts. If you have filed a claim for an automobile accident, the claims inspector may interview you. You must respond honestly.

If you don’t submit an honest account or the necessary documentation, the insurance company may contact you but may ultimately deny your claim for non-cooperation.

How do insurance adjusters estimate the worth of a claim or settlement offer?

Following an accident, the liable party’s insurance company is expected to pay the following costs:

  • Medical bills and related charges
  • Lost earnings from a job and other sources of income
  • Pain and physical suffering
  • Permanent physical disability or deformity
  • Emotional harm caused by the expenses as mentioned earlier

In cases when pain and suffering isn’t a factor, the medical and repair bills are routinely added up. Aside from paying for your medical costs, car repairs or replacement, and missed earnings, your insurance provider will pay for your pain and suffering.

When calculating the value of a personal injury claim, insurance companies employ a multiplier technique. Unlike an accident attorney, insurance companies employ complicated computer systems to establish the multiplier. The damage formula is the calculation used by insurance companies to compute for the pain and suffering.

What to do if your car accident claim is denied?

Immediately file a claim.

Many insurance companies allow you to file a claim online, so you should be able to do so as you wait for the police. If not, contact your agent right away. Get the other driver’s insurance information immiediately, and don’t let them persuade you out of contacting the police. 

A police report may greatly assist in substantiating a claim. Take plenty of photos or videos to verify the level of damage before filing a claim.

Speak to your own insurer.

When feasible, avoid claiming with the other driver’s insurance, even if that business must pay since the other motorist was at fault. Your insurer may assist you in recovering expenditures from the other driver’s insurer via subrogation. Keep in mind that your insurer has more legal and insurance professionals than you.

Get precise costs

The more facts you have, the higher your chances of winning your claim. Ask your repair company for an itemized, thorough quotation of repairs. Don’t go anyplace for your repair quotes.

If you don’t have a reputable mechanic, request quotes from friends and relatives. Your insurance may want you to acquire an estimate from one shop, but you should also seek quotes from other businesses to compare prices.

Know your rights if you don’t like the car insurance deal

If your automobile is totalled, expect the payout to be less than what you owe on it or what you believe it is worth.

Cars are often insured for “Actual Cash Value” (ACV). That is, the selling value will decide how much they compensate you. The real cost may change depending on the service used to establish market value.

If you believe your automobile is worth more than the ACV, you may need to prove it. These include how effectively you maintained the automobile, whether you kept it in the garage, and how often you performed maintenance. This may demand receipts and paperwork, so retain all receipts and records if you do this.

Contact a vehicle accident lawyer right away.

If you are hesitant about implementing these procedures or need an expert’s opinion, please contact us. Our personal injury lawyers in Jackson may examine the case and your supporting documents to draft a demand letter requiring the insurance company to respond and explain its claim denial. If you believe your claim was wrongfully refused, you may choose to appeal.

Don’t let your car insurance company take advantage of you.

As you can see, it’s in your interests to contact an experienced attorney immediately if you’ve been in an accident, you need a car insurance adjuster, and/or if you’ve been denied coverage for any other reason. Why wait? Call Rollins Law Firm now.

Rollins Law Firm doesn’t just represent clients in personal injury cases; we also help clients with insurance disputes. We understand that you cannot afford to have your claim denied, no matter the reason. That’s why we are available for you 24/7 to help you navigate the often unfamiliar waters of insurance claims.

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