How a proven attorney can help when foreclosure is a threat

On behalf of The Rollins Law Firm posted in Debt Relief on Tuesday, August 26, 2014.

It is likely that many people in Mississippi and elsewhere across the country believe that they must formally file for bankruptcy to protect their home when it is threatened by foreclosure.

Although that view is understandable, it is far from true in all instances, given that there are a number of options that many challenged debtors can consider when they are facing extreme financial hardship.

An established and client-empathetic debt-relief law firm knows those options well and can help a client identify and evaluate what might work best in his or her case.

The Rollins Law Firm strives to do exactly that. We help clients throughout Mississippi deal with troubling money-related issues that threaten their financial stability.

Many of those clients quickly learn that they are far from powerless when creditors come calling. Concerning foreclosure, for example, our firm can intercede with a lender and attempt to procure a loan modification. Alternatively, a foreclosure can be challenged in a state court.

Additional options also exist that can be profitably explored.

Bankruptcy is, of course, a possibility for many clients. Our firm carefully considers what the optimal avenue might be for any person considering taking this legal course. A Chapter 13 filing, for example, provides for a repayment plan over time that enables some debtors to get current on delinquent payments. Filing for Chapter 7 can result in a homeowner being absolutely relieved of exactions on mortgage and interest payments that are in arrears.

We proudly represent Mississippians who need assistance on debt-related matters. Our online Mississippi Foreclosure page provides relevant information to readers interested in that subject. We welcome your scrutiny of our firm and practice.

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