It’s really a tale of two countries.

On the one hand, a new report on debt in the United States reveals improved financial circumstances for millions of Americans as the country continues to dig out from its years’-long recession.

On the other hand, newly released data indicate that millions of Americans are also not sharing in that renewed prosperity.

Indeed, new information jointly released by NPR and the nonprofit group ProPublica shows that about one of every 10 working Americans aged 35-44 is presently having his or her wages garnished for nonpayment of a student loan, medical bill or credit card debt.

In a debt-related media story, one consumer advocate understandably calls that finding “alarming.”

The reasons why are many and obvious. Futures – millions of them – are put on hold by perpetual penury. Houses that would otherwise be purchased sit vacant. Money that might otherwise be spent on automobiles and household furnishings is being applied to interest payments. Vacations are not taken. Restaurant tables sit empty. The list goes on.

There is sunlight for many people in Mississippi and elsewhere who are trying mightily to dig themselves out of a tunnel of debt.

Many of those people might be – should be – happily surprised to note that a Chapter 7 bankruptcy filing can stop wage garnishment and eliminate unsecured debt exactions.

At The Rollins Law Firm, we help clients deal proactively and responsibly with debt loads that seem insuperable and unrelenting. Persons consulting with us are dealt with candidly and with strong empathy, and kept closely informed as to material developments and progress at every juncture of their case.

Our goal is to help every client regain a fresh financial start. Information about our firm and debt-relief practice can be viewed on multiple pages of our website, including our Mississippi Chapter 7 Bankruptcy page.

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