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If you are injured in a car wreck, you need an experienced advisor to guide you through the process. You also need someone to fight for the compensation you deserve. Our Hattiesburg, Mississippi personal injury attorney provides all of that, along with first-class customer service. Our experienced Mississippi attorneys make sure you know about the progress and status of your case. Our number one goal is to make sure our clients get what they deserve from their car accident claim. Our second priority is to treat our clients with the utmost kindness as we help them get through a difficult challenge in their life.

Thomas C. Rollins Jr. started taking personal injury cases after being involved in a car accident during law school. The insurance company fought tooth and nail to pay as little as possible: “I eventually got the compensation I deserved, but I couldn’t help but wonder how it would have turned out if I wasn’t a law student. I want to make sure that the insurance company doesn’t take advantage of you! The insurance company’s number one goal is to pay you as little as possible, or even deny your personal injury claim. ”

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A personal injury claim requires a certain amount of work to maximize the recovery. Some attorneys just sign up a case and try to get the easiest settlement they can. Our philosophy is that our clients deserve the maximum recovery possible. We make sure our clients have seen the doctors and other experts so that we can prove your injuries. We carefully review and prepare a record of evidence so that we can establish how badly you have been injured. Many injuries are permanent and you should be compensated accordingly.

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Our Jackson attorneys take the risk in this process. Our incentive is to fight for the largest settlement or verdict possible. That is a major distinction with our firm. We don’t always settle. If the settlement isn’t fair, then we will go to trial. If you are not willing to go to trial for some of the cases you represent, then the insurance company is less likely to pay up. It is the client’s decision on whether or not to settle, and we make sure our clients are well prepared to make that decision. We will use our experience to estimate your case’s worth so that you can decide whether to continue fighting, or accept the settlement offer.


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