If you’ve suffered a serious injury from a car accident, there will also be drastic consequences on several aspects of your life. Aside from the high probability that your medical expenses will skyrocket, you could potentially lose income while recuperating. Long-term consequences of an accident may also mean a lifetime injury which may affect not just your ability to work but even the relationships you have. 

Work WagesWith the help of a competent Jackson, MS personal injury lawyer, you can usually recover your lost work pay/wages from the other person who caused the car wreck that made you miss work.  When someone else was at fault for causing a car wreck, a claim can be filed against that person’s insurance policy, or even against any available uninsured motorist coverage of your own policy under certain circumstances.

Accident victims may recover compensation for damages suffered including lost wages, emotional distress, loss of enjoyment of life, mental anguish, medical bills, and pain and suffering, as well as the cost to repair or replace your automobile. Getting professional legal help to discuss how you could be best compensated is always the best decision. 

Your injury attorney can help you compile evidence to support your claim for lost wages.  Evidence that you need to retain are documents such as your doctor’s time off work excuse for you, your injury diagnosis documents, bank statements, and both pre-injury and post-injury pay stubs or receipts. Consult with Jackson, Mississippi personal injury attorneys to know about these in more detail, since compensatory damages tend to be broad. They could range from a straightforward reimbursement of medical bills to attempts to recover compensation for accident injuries that are hard to quantify.

If you or a loved one has been injured in a car wreck that was the result of someone else’s fault, and it has caused bodily injuries and work missed that resulted in lost wages/pay, get in touch with our injury attorneys at Rollins Law Firm to help you with the process of recovery for your losses.  While you are recovering from bodily injuries, one of our experienced injury lawyers can help take care of recovering monetary compensation. In an accident case, time is of the essence. It is always important to act swiftly towards recovery for your loss because a long delay could result in a valid claim being barred if a complaint is not filed timely on your behalf. Call us now for a free and confidential consultation.

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