The Bankruptcy Process

Understanding the Process of Bankruptcy

By calling us at The Rollins Law Firm and getting the ball rolling, we can help you get a fresh start in your financial life. Our attorney will sit down with you at your initial consultation and discuss what your goals are going forward. Once we know that, we can determine whether you should file for a Chapter 7 or a Chapter 13 bankruptcy to meet your needs. You will need to gather all of your financial documents so we have an overall view of your current status.

You are required to go through credit counseling as part of any bankruptcy filing. We will file your petition for bankruptcy, which puts an automatic stay on your creditors, preventing them from harassing you any further. Instead, they will have to call us.

You will be scheduled for a meeting of creditors, where your bankruptcy trustee will go over your paperwork with you to confirm that everything is in order.

Our Jackson bankruptcy law attorney will help you understand the fine details of this process when you contact us at 601-500-5533.

Ridgeland Lawyer for Navigating the Bankruptcy Process

After you have had your meeting with the bankruptcy trustee, what happens next will differ depending on which kind of bankruptcy you have filed for.

Chapter 7

Once you have completed the filing process, you simply wait for your debt relief. If you have pledged property as collateral, we will do our best to help you keep that property but these belongings may be repossessed or sold to pay your creditors. We will let you know before filing your bankruptcy if you will be at risk of losing property and if there are ways for you to keep your belongings.

You will be required to attend a second credit counseling course during this waiting period. A Chapter 7 bankruptcy takes anywhere from three to six months. At the end of that period, your debt is discharged and you can begin the process of rebuilding your life.

Chapter 13

As part of your filing for bankruptcy, we will create a repayment plan that incorporates all of your current debt. You will make this payment monthly for the next three to five years and it will be disbursed by a trustee to your creditors. At the end of the payment plan, your remaining debt will be discharged and you can move forward with your life.

We will take care of all of the details for you. Your main duties will be filing for bankruptcy and going to your credit counseling sessions. Once you are through the bankruptcy process, we can discuss life after bankruptcy here in Mississippi.

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