Oak Grove Credit is a finance company that specializes in lending money to people who can’t get traditional loans from a bank. 

It is located in Oak Grove outside of Hattiesburg, Mississippi. And they typically make small loans of less than $5,000.

Is Oak Grove Credit Legit?

Oak Grove Credit Oak Grove Credit is legit. It is a real company and they make legal loans.

This means if you don’t repay a loan to them, they can sue you in state court.

Can Oak Grove Credit Take Me to Court?

Yes, Oak Grove Credit can take you to court. They can file a lawsuit against you in state court if you don’t repay your loan on time.

If they successfully sue you then it may be possible for them to garnish your wages or even your bank account.

Can I Include Oak Grove Credit in a Personal Bankruptcy Case?

Yes, you can include most debts owed to Oak Grove Credit in a personal bankruptcy case and eliminate them.

To eliminate debt without paying any of it back you can file Chapter 7 bankruptcy. And to lower your monthly payments you can use Chapter 13. It will also help you keep your property.

If you want to know more about Oak Grove Credit and bankruptcy, contact our Jackson, MS bankruptcy lawyer at the Rollins Law Firm.

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