Helping You Get Your Car or Truck Back After It Has Been Repossessed

Seeing your vehicle being dragged away on the hook of a tow truck can be very disheartening, especially when you rely on it to get you to and from work, or for your job. Creditors don't seem to have a lot of sympathy when it comes to the conundrum of "If I don't have a car, I can't make the money I need to pay you."

Fortunately, you can get your car back by filing for bankruptcy. Repossession companies have to wait 10 days before they sell your car or truck. If you contact us early enough within that 10-day window and start bankruptcy proceedings, we can stop the repossession process. If you wait past that 10-day window, we will be unable to retrieve your vehicle for you as it will have already been sold.

Vehicles that we have saved from the auction block include:

  • Cars
  • Trucks
  • Motorcycles
  • Boats
  • Recreational vehicles

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Ridgeland Attorney Handling Car Repossessions

Many people in today's economy are finding that they have bitten off more than they can chew, financially. You may have had an illness or injury that has affected your ability to work, you may have lost your job or may have had to take a pay cut just to keep your current position. More than 1.5 million people filed for bankruptcy last year to find relief from the constant pressure of being in debt. We have helped hundreds of people here in Mississippi wipe their slate clean so they can rebuild their credit and have a healthier financial outlook. We can help you too.

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