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When you are faced with mountains of debt, every day can seem like a struggle. As fees and interest pile up, so do your worries. How will I afford to pay for gas and groceries this week? If the bank repossesses my car, how will I get to work? If a debt goes unpaid, the creditor can sue you for the money. They can get a judgment that will show up on your credit report if you can’t work something out. When everything seems to be falling apart, our Ridgeland bankruptcy lawyer works to help you piece your finances back together.

Our Ridgeland bankruptcy attorneys serve clients in Jackson and throughout Mississippi. To help you succeed in your Mississippi bankruptcy filing, we provide sensitive counsel and the legal resources you need. We don’t cut corners like some of the bankruptcy mills in town. Lack of preparation, such as incomplete bankruptcy forms, leads to disastrous consequences, which is our Ridgeland bankruptcy lawyer will first conduct a detailed bankruptcy case review before filing for bankruptcy at the Mississippi court.

Is your property being foreclosed? Is your car being repossessed? Or are your medical bills piling up? If you want to address your financial concern, our Jackson Mississippi bankruptcy attorneys can file your petition quickly. At our Mississippi law firm, our bankruptcy experts pull your credit report to speed up the process of gathering the necessary information. Once you provide all the necessary documents, our Chapter 7 & 13 bankruptcy lawyers will prepare your case quickly.

No attorney’s fees upfront for chapter 13.

We understand that those facing debt are already in a difficult situation. We don’t add to your burden. That’s why, when you retain our firm, you only need to pay the court fees upfront. Your attorney’s fees are paid overtime in your monthly bankruptcy payment. If you want to learn more about our affordable payment process, send us a message using the form below.

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Chapter 7 vs Chapter 13 Bankruptcy

Chapter 7 Chapter 13
Eliminates most unsecured debt without paying any of it back Creates a payment plan to manage your debt and usually lower your monthly payments
Most people keep their home and car if they can keep the payments up to date Gives you a way to catch up the payments if you are behind on a house or car loan
If you can afford your home or car then you can walk away without owing any money

Stops Foreclosure

Stops Repossession

Stops Garnishments

Cannot usually eliminate student loans, taxes, child support or alimony Gives you better credit after the case is finished
Comparing Chapter 7 versus Chapter 13 Bankruptcy