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In life, circumstances arise that we cannot avoid - struggling with a mounting debt, stopping a foreclosure or garnishment, problems with your marriage or battle over child custody, support or visitation. These situations can have a profound effect on our lives. During these difficult times, you need someone by your side who can care effectively for your legal needs as well as providing you with personal service to best provide support for you during these incredibly personal and private crises.

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In life, circumstances arise that we cannot avoid - struggling with mounting debt, stopping a foreclosure or garnishment. These situations can have a profound effect on our lives. During these difficult times, you need a legal team that is willing to put in the time and effort to ensure your needs are met. This is an incredibly personal and private time in your life and our legal team understands that. This is why it is our goal to make filing a bankruptcy a smooth process for you.

Thomas C. Rollins, Jr. focuses all of his practice on bankruptcy law. He combines his law degree with a bachelor’s degree in banking and finance to help people file for bankruptcy, stop the harassing calls from creditors, create financial plans and move forward with their lives. He has the expertise to help you manage your debt and make better financial decisions in the future. Mr. Rollins went to law school with the goal of opening his own law firm. As soon as he passed the bar exam, that is what he did. Times were tough in 2010 and the country was in the middle of a great recession. One of the first cases that Mr. Rollins was hired to handle was a personal bankruptcy case. When he saw the difference he was able to make for his client he knew that he wanted to help as many people as possible that are struggling with debt. The economy is doing better now, but there are plenty of Mississippians who are still struggling to make ends meet. Mr. Rollins’ favorite cases are the ones where he can lower monthly payments for his clients so that they can keep the property they have worked so hard to obtain. We want to give you the tools to get your debt under control and to make sure that you never find yourself in this situation again.

We have offices throughout southern Mississippi so that we can serve clients that live in the rural parts of the state. We even offer convenience services, like phone consultations, and we accept paperwork by mail and email to minimize the number of times you have to visit our office in person. We understand that not everyone can miss work several times to meet us in the office. The average case will only require two face-to-face meetings. You must meet with us in the office to sign your bankruptcy papers and you will need to attend a “meeting of creditors” once your case is filed. We will prepare you for the meeting of creditors and attend that meeting with you. In fact, creditors usually don’t even show up to the meeting.

At The Rollins Law Firm we only handle bankruptcy cases. Our mission is to help you get your debt under control. We understand that our clients are not all in the same situation and need a customized plan of action. Some of our clients need help lowering their monthly bills to an affordable level, while other clients need to completely wipe out their debt. We want to help you restart your financial life no matter what your situation is. Creditors might be calling constantly and hounding you for money that you don’t have, which can add unnecessary stress to an already hectic life. Our South Mississippi bankruptcy attorneys have helped hundreds of people in these types of situations get the fresh start that they need and deserve. We primarily handle two different types of bankruptcy: Chapter 7 and Chapter 13.

Chapter 7 is a straight bankruptcy that will eliminate all or most of your unsecured debts. The point of this type of bankruptcy is to get you a fresh start. Chapter 7 will usually eliminate all debts except taxes, student loans and domestic support obligations, and a few other types of debt. You can usually keep your car and home as long as you can keep the payments up to date. We can help you figure out if you qualify for chapter 7 and if it is a good option for your situation.

Chapter 13 is a reorganization bankruptcy that is usually used to help you keep your property (like your home and car). The main benefit is that you can lower your monthly bills by spreading your payments out over time. You can still eliminate all or some of your unsecured debt with this type of bankruptcy in many situations. Chapter 13 can even be used to help you repay your taxes and past-due child support debts. Rather than struggling to figure out how you are going to pay that stack of bills on the table, in chapter 13 you can have one payment that covers all of your debt. Our clients are usually shocked at how good of a deal this is once we let them know what the payment will be. If you are struggling to make your monthly debt payments, we can estimate your bankruptcy payment for you when you do a consult.

This page provides you with a simplified explanation of bankruptcy, but we would be glad to give you a personalized explanation of how bankruptcy would work for you. We understand that filing bankruptcy is a big financial decision and for that reason we like to take the time to talk to you about the benefits and costs of filing. We don’t charge you anything to speak with us. Our free initial consultations usually take about thirty minutes. During this time, we will listen to your story and give you customized advice on if bankruptcy is right for you, and if it is, which chapter would help you the most, the fees involved, and the process of getting a case filed.

Times have been tough, the recession has hit a lot of people very hard, leaving them with no other option than to get a fresh start by filing bankruptcy. If you are one of these people, we can help you on the road to financial recovery. Call now for a free consultation with a South Mississippi bankruptcy lawyer.

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