Chapter 7 Bankruptcy

There are a number of reasons you or your family may choose to declare bankruptcy. At the Mississippi law firm of The Rollins Law Firm, we understand them all. A personal injury, job loss or even the rising cost of living can make it difficult for persons to cope financially. When that happens, our knowledgeable bankruptcy lawyer is here for you.

Attorney Thomas C. Rollins Jr. is committed to helping you get back on your feet and back to a stable financial state. When you meet with Thomas, you can count on warm communication and straightforward advice. During your initial consultation, he will examine your financial situation and help determine which type of bankruptcy is right for you.

Benefits of Chapter 7 Bankruptcy

A Chapter 7 bankruptcy gives you the opportunity to make a fresh start. It will eliminate unsecured forms of debt, including credit cards and medical bills. Like a Chapter 13 filing, it will stop creditor harassment, stop wage garnishment and stop any other lawsuit - collections or otherwise.

Most people can keep the majority of their property in a Chapter 7 filing because of the property exemptions. However, some of this property may be liquidated, or sold, if you are unable to pay down your secured debts. Examples of secured debt include home and car loans. You have the option of surrendering this property to your creditor or paying the current and past due balance on your loans to retain it.

At The Rollins Law Firm, we are committed to providing you with quality bankruptcy service. From the moment you walk into our office, you can rest assured that your needs will be met. We are by your side throughout the bankruptcy process, from filing paperwork to negotiating with creditors. With us, you are never alone.

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