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Jackson Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Lawyer

Last year, more than 1.5 million people in the United States, filed for bankruptcy. In 2016, 1 in 190 households in Mississippi filed for Chapter 13 bankruptcy. Consumer cases filed in 2018 total 755,182. These statistics show the significant impact of the "great recession" and how it has not only affected individuals nationally, but also right here at home. You may have found yourself in a position of not being able to pay your bills, keep food on the table, or provide the basic needs for your family whereas three to five years ago you were doing well. T.C. and The Rollins Law Firm wants you to know you are not alone and that financial situations change. We are here to help you work through this change in your life and finances. We have helped hundreds of hardworking people in Mississippi file for bankruptcy and get a fresh start on their lives.

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There are numerous ways to benefit from filing for bankruptcy. Our goal is to ensure that our clients maximize on these benefits and regain financial control of their lives. Together we will work to improve the future of your financial health.

Filing for bankruptcy offers immediate relief from the weight of debt that is keeping you up at night. No matter how big or small your debt, you will find relief during this stressful time while our firm formulates a plan to put an end to the bills that are piling up. By providing a plan for repaying and consolidating your debt, our firm will have you well on your way to the road of financial freedom and a debt free future for you and your loved ones.

Filing for bankruptcy will provide you relief and put a stop to:

  • harassing phone calls from your creditors
  • wage garnishments
  • the foreclosure of your home
  • the repossession of vehicles

Numerous reasons, such as financial choices and circumstances that are out of your control, may have created this less than ideal financial situation you have found yourself in. You may have lost your job, had a reduction in income, gone through a divorce, purchased a home that you can no longer afford or incurred medical expenses due to an unforeseen medical condition or injury. Our Firm wants you to know that there is a way out and we are here to help you through this phase of your life. With our help, you can regain control of your life. We have the ability to provide you with the best plan of action specifically tailored for your individual needs.

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Vicksburg Bankruptcy Attorney

Whatever legal issues you may be facing, we will find the solution that works best for you. We don't do cookie-cutter cases here; instead we will discuss your needs and figure out how best to accommodate your individual situation in a personal and professional manner.

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Client Reviews
I had a wonderful experience. The staff were nice and very informative. The process was quick and easy. Very affordable for me being a single parent. Would recommend anyone there. - Lashay H.
The Rollins firm assisted me at a very low point in my life. After having a lot of medical issues and expenses, I found myself unable to make ends meet. Mr. Rollings and his staff worked very promptly to help. They made the process so easy to complete. - Vinester Smith.
Fast response and professional advice. Really great to work with and understand what a difficult time in one’s life this is. Will recommend to anyone - Bryan Aust.
My wife and I were in an impossible financial situation where over time, we had built up so much debt that we could no longer keep up with all the payments. We were getting further and further behind until we reached out to the Rollins Law Firm for help. They have the knowledge and expertise through their experience to handle our particular situation. Their entire team of professionals are always available to answer questions, explain your options, and then provide the legal service that you need to relieve your financial worries and get you back on the right track! I recommend the Rollins Law Firm to anyone who needs help to deal with financial struggles. - Mike Zegelien.