Credit Card & Medical Debt

We can Help You Free Yourself of Credit Card and Medical Debt

If you lost your job and had to run up your credit cards to survive, or if you were very sick or injured and spent a lot of time in the hospital and at doctor's offices, you may have a lot of unsecured debt you are being pressured to pay back.

Credit card debt and outstanding medical bills are both considered unsecured debt, meaning you have not put up any collateral against them so if you don't pay them, all that will happen is you will accrue interest on the payments and the creditors will try to demand their money. As a last resort, they can sue you, but only for the amount you owe.

Because bankruptcy wipes out unsecured debt, filing a bankruptcy case is a good way to get rid of increasing credit card debt and medical bills. We can help you determine which form of bankruptcy is most suitable for your situation and make a plan for how to carry out relieving you of this constant financial strain. We take every aspect of your life into consideration to customize the best solution for you. In many situations, a person may be able to completely eliminate their medical and credit card debt without paying back a penny of it in either chapter 7 or chapter 13.

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Hazlehurst, MS Bankruptcy Lawyer

Filing for Chapter 7 bankruptcy will wipe this debt out entirely. The process takes about three to six months. If you need a fast, simple way to get rid of your unsecured debt, this may be the way to go.

If you are not eligible for Chapter 7 because you make too much money or you have too many assets, you may be able to file for Chapter 13 bankruptcy. Our lawyer, Thomas C. Rollins, will put together a payment plan for you, which will go to pay back your creditors over a three- to five-year period. At the end of that time, whatever unsecured debt is remaining will be discharged. In many chapter 13 cases unsecured debts are not paid anything and the debt is discharged.

Many times credit cards have extremely high interest rates. Unpaid balances grow substantially over time. One major benefit of chapter 13 is that the interest will stop accruing once you file a chapter 13 case. In many cases, credit cards will not be paid anything in a chapter 13 case. In other times, the credit cards must be paid, but they are paid at 0% interest. Eliminating the interest is a huge benefit even if the entire debt cannot be eliminated. Eliminating the interest can sometimes save our clients thousands of dollars. We can usually quote you an estimated chapter 13 plan payment at your free initial consultation.

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I had a wonderful experience. The staff were nice and very informative. The process was quick and easy. Very affordable for me being a single parent. Would recommend anyone there. - Lashay H.
The Rollins firm assisted me at a very low point in my life. After having a lot of medical issues and expenses, I found myself unable to make ends meet. Mr. Rollings and his staff worked very promptly to help. They made the process so easy to complete. - Vinester Smith.
Fast response and professional advice. Really great to work with and understand what a difficult time in one’s life this is. Will recommend to anyone - Bryan Aust.
My wife and I were in an impossible financial situation where over time, we had built up so much debt that we could no longer keep up with all the payments. We were getting further and further behind until we reached out to the Rollins Law Firm for help. They have the knowledge and expertise through their experience to handle our particular situation. Their entire team of professionals are always available to answer questions, explain your options, and then provide the legal service that you need to relieve your financial worries and get you back on the right track! I recommend the Rollins Law Firm to anyone who needs help to deal with financial struggles. - Mike Zegelien.