Budgeting Apps

As one year ends and a new one begins, people start thinking about what they can do to make the next year better. Yes, we are talking about New Year’s resolutions. They are those promises you make to lose weight, reduce stress, or strengthen your relationship. If you are still trying to decide what you should do or give up in 2016, consider giving your financial health the attention it deserves. New Year’s resolutions are not always easy to keep, but, like most things today, “there are budgeting apps for that.”

The online personal finance and information site NerdWallet published a list of its recommendations for the two best budgeting and saving apps. Here they are:

  • Mint for budgeting: Mint is an app that helps users track spending in real-time. As you make purchases, the app logs them and puts the transactions into categories. If you get frustrated with the broad miscellaneous-type categories, this app allows you to edit things like ATM transactions so you can accurately track cash payments. Added bonus: free credit score.
  • Acorns for saving: Keeping your eye on spending is not the only part of financial health. The other side is saving money for future purchases, retirement or a rainy day. Change jars don’t get filled as often in the digital era. This app is the modern version, rounding your purchases up to the nearest dollar. The difference gets put into an investment account.

There are many options available aside from filing bankruptcy to help you focus on your financial health. Whether you use one and which one you choose is up to you, but the idea is to become aware of your financial health.

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