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Hiring personal injury attorneys in Mississippi and the need for such has always been a question for individuals who have experienced personal injuries. You must bear in mind that if you have suffered any form of injury due to another party’s carelessness or if a wrongful act may have caused minimal or grave inconvenience, you have the right to be compensated for both medical costs and other losses. Therefore, the need to hire a lawyer for injury who can provide you with legal representation is deemed necessary.

The burden of handling cases like this on your own can be a handful because it involves a ton of paperwork, insurance consultation, investigations, medical records and so much more. 

Hiring a lawyer for injuries aids in processing all these things without disrupting your daily routine. Here are some reasons why getting help from a personal injury attorney is beneficial:

Reason #1 – Your Insurance Company Isn’t On Your Side

Insurance companies will always side with what works to their advantage rather than what will be beneficial to you. There may be laws that assure and guarantee how these companies operate, however, these insurance companies have their own set of attorneys or have a lawyer on their payroll to further their cause, which is to give you the least amount of compensation possible.. If insurance companies have their team of attorneys to back them up, shouldn’t you have yours?

Reason #2 – Knowing The Limitations Of Filing For Injury

The governing body of court has a process to follow the statute of limitations that determine when you can file your claim and your ability to recover anything from your damages. Their verdict matters and without following these restrictions and due process, any monetary compensation for your injuries can be negated. Hiring a knowledgeable attorney with expertise on personal injury law will keep you on track of the entire process and prevent you from missing out on any opportunity while also meeting the deadlines brought upon by the court.

Reason #3 – Following Strict Compliance

After the accident and overall experience of the injury, there are designated procedures to follow as covered by the statute of limitations. Dealing with all the procedures in a timely and proper manner  can be tedious and but should be dealth with strict compliance. Working with a designated accident attorney can take the load off your hands and give you a sigh of relief..

Reason #4 – Damages Can Be Extensive

There are a number of people that assume damages are for medical expenses alone and the affected party can no longer ask for more. Being reimbursed for medical expenses is only a part of the compensation. You can also claim intangible damages such as pain and suffering or loss of consortium from the opposing party’s negligence. As an individual, assessing these damages and getting the appropriate compensation is not as concise as having a legal professional doing it for you.

Reason #5 – Proving The Complication Of Your Case

Assessing the damage done isn’t as clear cut as it may seem, it may even be catastrophic. There are instances where the opposing insurance company can claim that the accident which occured can be split by both parties due to percentage of fault. Proving your claim or the complication of your case can only be handled best by a personal injury attorney since they know the ins and outs of the law. Experienced personal injury lawyers may have encounteres cases similar to yours and therefore awre of how you can avoid being taken advantage of by the other party.

Having a  personal injury lawyer by your side is a great help!

Personal Injury Law is a unique and complicated legal field. Your legal rights can either be fought for in the right manner or completely bypassed by the opposing party. Not many people are credible enough to handle your case. On the other hand,  personal injury attorneys at Rollins Law Firm have been certified to guarantee that you get the compensation you deserve. Personal injury protection and the amount of work needed to maximize recovery is not an easy task, some attorneys try to get the easiest settlement available while other individuals that file for themselves only get what they can. 

There are six types of damages for injury lawsuits that can be covered by a personal injury attorney and they are as follows:

  • Medical Expenses – these are damages that have led to severe or minimal medical complications that should be handled by a medical institution. You need to get paid for medical expenses made after the injury and future expenses that may arise thereafter.
  • Property Damages – damages done to your vehicle or property due to the injury and act encountered. Any form of damage inflicted without your doing should be compensated for.
  • Pain and Suffering – dealing with the burden caused by personal injury can have a long lasting effect of pain and suffering and you must be compensated for this.
  • Emotional Distress – there are injuries that are not physical. However, they can still be considered as emotional injuries. An incident that has been deemed traumatic causing emotional distress will be compensated.
  • Loss of Income – due to the injury done, there are instances where you will encounter issues that will limit you from going to work or performing work-related tasks. You must be compensated for the lost wages and lost future wages.
  • Loss of Consortium – should the injured party and injury affect your sexual companionship and relationship with your spouse, you should be compensated for this as well.

Hiring a personal injury attorney will not only provide you with what you deserve but they make sure that it is done in the most convenient way possible. Not everyone can practice what is done at a personal injury law firm and the likes of understanding the limitations, complications, and entirety of the case should always be handled by a professional.

With The Rollins Law Firm, you don’t have to pay anything unless they can recover for you. Settling for less than you deserve is never an option for the firm. Our clients are walked through the entire process before they decide whether or not they should pursue the trial. In the end, it is up to the client if they want to settle or if they wish us to continue fighting for them. We will estimate your case’s worth while also keeping in mind that what you ask for will compensate the pain and anguish you went through. 

Book your esteemed personal injury lawyer today. We can accommodate you in any of our offices in Mississippi or meet via phone or video call. Time is of the essence and you wouldn’t want to miss the opportunity to fight for what you deserve TODAY.

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