One of the most difficult parts of dealing with financial issues is the harassment that many people experience. Banks, creditors and other parties can be relentless with the phone calls and abusive language that are intended to bully a person into making payments. In many cases, however, people either do not have the money to pay creditors or are, in fact, current on their payments.

This kind of harassment is extremely frustrating for Mississippi residents who are already stressed out about mounting debt. It is important to remember that people who are employed and are making payments as best they can have the option of filing for Chapter 13 Bankruptcy protection. By filing, a person can stop the harassing phone calls and formulate a plan to reduce or eliminate debt.

One elderly couple recently filed a lawsuit against JPMorgan Chase for excessive harassment. They say that the company called them about 75 times every week seeking late mortgage payments. The worst part, the couple says, is that they are current on their financial obligations. Not only do they want the phone calls to stop, the couple is seeking general and special damages in addition to attorney’s fees.

The couple, who are both over 65 years old, initially worked with a local District Attorney and sent the bank a cease and desist letter. Even though the bank acknowledged that they received the letter, they continued to call. Unfortunately, it is not unusual for banks to harass customers who may be elderly. Without legal representation, these customers may be more vulnerable when it comes to harassing them into making a wrongful payment.

People who are struggling with harassment by banks and creditors could greatly benefit from seeking the help of an attorney. Besides putting a stop to the constant phone calls, an attorney can help someone deal with debt and unpaid bills. Those who file for Chapter 13 Bankruptcy can develop a financial plan that consolidates debt and usually allows a person to keep their property.

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