Many Mississippi residents likely join millions of other consumers from across the country in a similar response to a report citing debt collection as the predominant consumer complaint in the United States.

Their reaction: lack of surprise.

That ho-hum response is undoubtedly inspired at least in part by this statistic, furnished in a recent media account and report on consumer debt and collection efforts: Nearly 15 percent of all American consumers are reportedly being targeted by collection companies for delinquency-related problems regarding one or more accounts.

Extrapolated, that comes to a whopping 30 million adults nationally who are dealing with debt collectors.

“[H]ounding about medical debt is a big piece of the story,” states the above-cited media story, which chronicles the reasons why medical bills are particularly troublesome for high numbers of consumers.

Indeed, medical debt is a highly distinct exaction, given the manner in which consumers often find themselves standing by helplessly while providers and insurers engage in seemingly endless debate over services rendered and payments allegedly owed.

Unfortunately, accounts are often assigned to aggressive collection agencies while the bickering is still ongoing, leaving the consumer in the middle of an unresolved and murky situation.

That spells headaches, resulting in what is reportedly “the hottest complaint to the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau” in recent months.

The problem is especially acute for older Americans, a demographic that, for various reasons, is especially vulnerable to high-pitched and aggressive demands for payment from collection groups.

Any consumer — regardless of age — who is dealing with complex billings and strident repayment demands might reasonably want to contact a proven debt relief attorney for assistance.

Suffering unremittingly under relentless repayment pressures is seldom a foregone conclusion for any hard-pressed consumer. An experienced legal advocate can help.

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