Community Finance is a lender located in Meridian, Mississippi that specializes in making small loans to consumers.

It is also known as a finance company. It provides both secured and unsecured loans.

Is Community Finance Legit?

Community Finance is a real company and is legit. Its contracts are enforceable in court.

Can Community Finance Sue Me?

Community FinanceYes, Community Finance can sue you and take you to court if you are unable to repay your loan.

They can also garnish your wages if they get a judgment against you.

Can You Include Community Finance in Bankruptcy?

Yes, you can include Community Finance loans in bankruptcy and thus these loans are dischargeable.

Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 bankruptcy can both eliminate debts owed to Community Finance.

Consult Our Jackson MS Bankruptcy Attorney!

If you have a secured loan (a loan with collateral), then it may be possible to repay the loan in bankruptcy, so that you can keep the property. You may even lower the balance or the monthly payment.

If you need to discuss your bankruptcy options, contact our Jackson, MS bankruptcy lawyer at The Rollins Law Firm for a free consultation.

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