Hometown Credit is a small finance company located in Brookhaven, MS. They provide loans of $5,000 or less to people who are unable to get an approval of loans from banks.

They make process both unsecured and secured loans.

Is Hometown Credit Legitimate?

Hometown Credit is a limited liability company and is legal. 

Can Hometown Credit Garnish You?

Hometown Credit Yes, if you don’t repay a loan to Hometown Credit, they can sue you in state court and possibly garnish your wages or bank account. However, they have to win a lawsuit against you prior to garnishing you.

If you receive a summons, it is important that you hire a competent lawyer. Our Jackson, MS bankruptcy lawyer can help you!  

Can You Include Hometown Credit in a Bankruptcy Case?

Yes, you can include debts owed to Hometown Credit in a bankruptcy filing. 

There are several types of bankruptcy available to individuals and businesses.  The most common types of personal bankruptcy are Chapter 7 and Chapter 13. 

When filing Chapter 7, your nonexempt assets shall be liquidated and the proceeds will be used to pay back certain lenders and debt collectors. 

In a bankruptcy filing under Chapter 13, you may keep your properties as long as you are capable of making your scheduled monthly payments to creditors.

If you need help in deciding which bankruptcy chapter is right for you, schedule a free consultation with a Jackson, MS bankruptcy lawyer from The Rollins Firm! 

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