Personal Finance is a company located in Hattiesburg, MS which lends money to consumers.

They offer both secured and unsecured loans with high interest.

Can Personal Finance Sue Me?

Yes, Personal Finance can sue you and take you to court if you don’t repay their loan on time.

They can sue you in state court and if successful, they will get a judgment against you. Once they have a judgment, they can garnish your wages or bank account.

Can I Include Personal Finance in A Bankruptcy Case?

Personal FinanceYes, you can include most loans from Personal Finance in a bankruptcy case.

Our Jackson, MS bankruptcy lawyers have helped people eliminate loans owed to Personal Finance. 

There are several types of bankruptcy filings but the most common types of personal bankruptcy are Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 bankruptcies. 

Chapter 7, also known as straight bankruptcy, will eliminate many types of debt through the liquidation of your assets.  Debt collectors and creditors will be stopped from collecting a debt that has already been discharged. Unsecured debts or loans that aren’t backed by collateral or a guarantor are also cleared. This includes unpaid medical bills, credit card debts, personal loans, old tax debts, unpaid utility bills, and car loans. 

On the other hand, Chapter 13, which is a debt reorganization bankruptcy, aims to help you pay your debts through a monthly repayment plan that works with your current monthly income in order for you to keep your non-exempt properties. 

If you need help deciding on which bankruptcy option is suitable for your, contact our competent Jackson, MS bankruptcy attorneys for a free consultation.

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