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Social security disability benefits and disability payments have long been a topic of interest, specifically for disabled people who wish to file for disability benefits. Processing benefit payments for disabled individuals, however, is quite complicated because no two disability claims are the same. Generally, people with disabilities may try to apply for benefits and qualify for disability checks. Disability entitlement often comes with but is not limited to, one’s age. If you meet the qualifications for a disabled person, you may receive benefits based on your earnings record, work history, and social security payments made.

Despite the volume of disability cases, every SSI or SSDI application is evaluated carefully by the Social Security Office. As such, it is important to consult an experienced Jackson disability attorney who can help clarify who is eligible for Social Security benefits and the disability benefits one may receive.


Qualifying for Disability Claims and Stimulus Checks

Normally, conversations on filing for disability center on the criteria set by the Social Security Administration (SSA) that determines who is entitled to supplemental security income (SSI benefits) and who is eligible for benefits through the social security disability insurance (SSDI benefits). Recently, however, discussions on who qualifies for a monthly benefit through SSI or SSDI are in the context of stimulus checks. Seasoned Jackson disability attorneys can explain to you how to file applications for these.

Social security recipients are always keen on when their stimulus checks will arrive (when they are sent electronically and received). In the past months, however, they were also concerned about whether they will be affected by revisions in the qualification rules for SSI and SSDI recipients and dependents. Generally, the new eligibility criteria applicable to the 3rd stimulus checks can imply that more significant amounts will be received. However, if you stopped or started receiving SSDI or SSI in 2019 or 2020, the tax season could complicate your situation.


Things to Keep in Mind

Recipients of these payments may check the status of such on the IRS website, using the Get My Payment tool. The 3rd stimulus payments are based on 2020, which means that the agency can top off your stimulus payment later within the year (that is, if you received payment before last year’s return was processed but you qualify for more based on your 2020 income). Conversely, if you qualify for fewer payments in 2020, you will not owe any money back.

For the 3rd stimulus checks, most beneficiaries who previously received payments through prepaid debit cards, instead of their Direct Express card account, received their stimulus payment as a paper check. Stimulus payments that were sent to accounts that are no longer active or are closed are to be returned and reissued by the IRS. Only current Direct Express cardholders received the payment through the said cards, which is why it is important to always be up to date with announcements and to follow specific instructions.

As per usual, taxpayers are expected to promptly file their returns. There could be delays in the case of veterans who do not ordinarily file taxes. Some people may need to file a 2020 tax return, even if they do not normally do, for the IRS to have the information necessary to send payments to cover eligible dependents. Recipients who have already filed a 2020 tax return this year to claim missing stimulus money may find that the IRS used this information instead of your 2019 details if it has processed your latest return.


Seeking legal assistance from a good local attorney

Any disability application will be less stressful when done with the help of experienced and hands-on Jackson disability lawyers. He or she can help ensure that your papers are complete and that you are filing a disability claim correctly. If you want to eventually start receiving disability payments, your application for social security benefits must be done with a trusted social security law firm working with you. Call us at Rollins Law Firm and consult with a reliable Jackson disability lawyer.


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