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You Can Stop the Harassing Letters and Phone Calls

Filing for bankruptcy puts an automatic stay on all communications from creditors. Once you have entered your petition with us, all calls from debt collectors and creditors are supposed to come to us. According to the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA), creditors are not allowed to:

  • Communicate with you at your workplace if such communication is prohibited by your employer
  • Communicate with you after you have retained an attorney
  • Communicate with any third party other than your spouse or attorney

Because of these restrictions, we can contact your creditors as soon as you retain our services, even before you've filed for bankruptcy, to inform creditors that all calls must now come to our office.

Mississippi's consumer protection laws are fairly lax when it comes to dealing with creditors. Using the FDCPA allows us to prevent further harassment and enforce your rights.

While we can stop debt collection with bankruptcy, we cannot stop your former spouse from demanding child support and alimony. It is important to note that child support, alimony and student loans usually cannot be discharged during bankruptcy. However, you can roll back alimony payments into your payment plan as part of a Chapter 13 bankruptcy.

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Ridgeland Attorney Handling Debt Collection Issues

Our lawyer, Thomas C. Rollins, will help you find a solution to your debt problems. We look at your full financial situation and make a customized plan that works for you. We want you to get a fresh start in life, not find yourself in further trouble. We are here to help you as you go forward. T.C. uses his degree in banking and finance to help you figure out how you can go forward and rebuild your credit once you are through the bankruptcy process.

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